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The World Wide Web's *unofficial* Cyberchase fansite

...Innocent until proven otherwise

The Delete Lover's Shrine: Click to Enter

Best if viewed with I.E. Browser||javascript||800x600 screen resolution||frames||love for Cyberchase [preferably Delete and/or Buzz]

NOTICE: This is a Delete fansite, I created it for fun and because of my undying love for Cyberchase, and I own none of the characters or logos whatsoever. It's also the *unofficial* website, so don't go confusing it with the official one, okay?
Anyway, I do hope that you enjoy.


dead_heir got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com
The Encylopedia Cyberspacia, 1st Edition is now on the bookshelves of cybraries EVERYWHERE!

"The Delete Lover's Shrine" is ? Grand High Idol as of April 25, 2002.
Additional Copyrights:
Cyberchase ? 2002 Thirteen Wnet NY, Nelvana Studios, and PBS kids. All fanfiction and fanart featured was produced by the fans alone and is not to be reused, reprinted, or plagarised. Violaters will be towed.